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August 2006 Archive

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WASPS IN A LIFT (published 24 August 2006)

Never mind those snakes on a plane, the really scary filum out this week is Wasps In A Lift. The horror, the horror.




FERRYSTOCK (published 24 August 2006)

'Mummy, mummy, who are those funny men drinking beer and singing to the Forth Rail Bridge?' 'Why, that's Whyte & Mackay, child.'
Surreal South Queensferry goings on and more Reckless readers caught on film here: What I Did On My Holidays.



I'M THE KING OF THE SWINGERS (published 3 August 2006)

A jungle V.I.P. said yesterday, ' Oh oobee do, I wanna be like you. I wanna walk like you, talk like you too. You'll see it's true.'
A News of the Screws spokesperson commented, 'Yeah, right.' STOP PRESS - King of the Swingers - The Song, available here: King of the Swingers




KISS ME KWIK FIT (published 3 August 2006)

The Primed Miniscule yesterday left his rubber ring in Blackpool, to rally the troops round the dove of peace. 'You can't get quicker than a quick fix fitter,' he wailed.





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