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February 2006 Archive

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GUANTANAMO BAY - THE MUSICAL (published 24 February 2006)

Put on your orange jump suit, baby. Doghorse and Eclectech have come up with another guaranteed West End smash. See: Guantanamo Bay




BARRY BEATS BLUNT (published 24 February 2006)

According to some fiercely scientific survey or other, the ladies prefer the deep silky tones of Mr Barry White to the whiny squeaky yelps of a certain Mr Blunt. What better timing then, than to give you, the Reckless readership, an exclusive preview from next week's free CD from The Plagiarist. In this track, you can swoon your bits off as Mr White loses control. Listen: Fuck This Shit (mp3 - right click, save as...)




KERBY FOR COMMONWEALTH GAMES (published 17 February 2006)

Campaigners are vying for new events to be included should Glasgow be successful in its bid for the 2014 Commonwealth games.Delegates from the international Kerby squad are urging organisers to recognise their sport by building six inch high kerbs around stadium running tracks, while the nostalgic athletes association are hoping for a new running event, The Deep Fried Marathon.



PRESCOTT PEPPERS PROTESTER (published 17 February 2006)

The vice president of Britain, John Prescott, was involved in a shooting incident while out hunting jags at the weekend. It is understood an animal rights campaigner, objecting to Mr Prescott’s playful pastime, intervened during the gun blasting frenzy and was duly peppered with buck shot. Mr Prescott was heard to remark later, ‘I nearly missed the bugger.’



LET'S KILL TOGETHER (published 10 February 2006)

New NME favourites, Mo Hammet & The Profits release their new plea for world unity. It's puerile, it's lo lo fi and it's here: Kill Together (mp3 - right click, save as...)




CAN YOU TELL WHAT IT IS YET? (published 10 February 2006)

Rolf takes his life in his hands with his latest wacky drawing.





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