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January 2006 Archive

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RACE HATE CARTOON SPECIAL!!! (published 30 January 2006)

After DC Thomson's refusal to launch their new 'Oor Prophet' strip, The Reckless says it is not afraid to print the cartoons that sting. Oooh, look at us poking fun at that nasty BNP geezer. What larks eh?




HOUDINI PARROT SPOTTED (AND STRIPED) (published 30 January 2006)

The infamous Houdini parrot currently terrorising the tits of Edinburgh has been spotted clearing up after one of its terror raids over the capital. A spokesperson for the parrot union squawked yesterday: '"Who's a tidy boy, then."





FREE! FREE! FREE! CD! CD! CD! (published 23 January 2006)

Yes, free with this week's soaraway Reckless - the brand new release from South Queensferry's only one man Fall tribute band, The Foul. "Makes The Arctic Monkeys sound like Toy Poodles" - NME. Get it here: Killer Civil Servant


PUSS IN BALLET SHOES (published 23 January 2006)

Gorgeous George has landed on his twinkly toes again after securing a part in a new Royal Ballet production of Puss in Boots. A delighted George said yesterday,"Meow."





BURNS NIGHT SPECIAL (published 16 January 2006)

CBB contestant, Pete Burns, has revealed he was separated at birth from California governor, Arnie Schwartzenator.



GET RICH OR DIE LAUGHING (published 16 January 2006)

Ken Dodd has revealed his latest sidekick, the Fiddy Man. 'How tickled I am,' quoth the doddery one, 'What a day, missus. What a day for waking up and sticking a cap up yer bum!'





THAT'S GEORGE GALLOWAY, SON (published 9 January 2006)

"People try to put him down,
Just because he's short and brown."

Yes, the old wag's at it again. Geordie boy continues on his mission to postmodernise socialism in the celebrity big brother age. Missed the song? Why, here it is: That's George Galloway, Son.




THE VIEW FROM RECKLESS TOWERS (published 9 January 2006)

Happy New Year to all our local bin/recycling people. As you can see, the Reckless has finally returned after a heavy morning putting out the empties.




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