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January 2009 Archive

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CRAZY BORIS (published 27 January, 2009)

Stylophone based homage to the floppy twonk.






EVERYBODY'S HEARD ABOUT THE WORDS (published 27 January, 2009)

Many reckon the lowpoint of Obama's inauguration was Elizabeth Alexander's cack poem. So let's remedy that, eh?






TERRORIST MEDLEY (published 20 January, 2009)

The video!






ALISTAIR? CAN YOU SORT THIS OUT? (published 20 January, 2009)

Vatican Broadside (Treasury version)







BENDY BUS SONG (published 13 January, 2009)

A petition to make bendy buses make accordion noises as they go round corners has sadly been rejected. The song, however lives on.
Hear, here: Bendy Bus Song




DEDICATED FOLLOWER OF FASCISM (published 13 January, 2009)

Ooh, that Harry - he's such a wag. Video here: Dedicated Follower of Fascism






OH BROTHER! (published 9 January, 2009)

Just when you thought it was safe to switch on your telly, Tangerine Tommy gets clap happy in the Celebrity Big Brother house. See the King of the Swingers video here: King Of The Swingers.




KING OF THE SWINGERS (BB EDITION) (published 9 January, 2009)

MP3. I'm in Solidarity - Get Me Out Of Here!




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