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July 2006 Archive

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WORLD PEACE ON COURSE (published 28 July 2006)

Tones and Dod are getting together to sort out this Middle East thingy once and for all. A bit of bombing, bit of ceasefire and that, and then off to the Next sale to get some jumpers.




SYNCHRONISED ZOMBIES (published 28 July 2006)

Swimmers across the land (and water, obviously) are being warned of an influx of synchronised zombies into municipal bathing establishments. The Minister for Doggy Paddling, Splash Frantically, said yesterday, 'Oooooh!'



WHYTE & MACKAY ON TOUR (published 21 July 2006)

Edinburgh beware. The mighty Whyte & Mackay have been let loose in the city and will be performing hits from Buckfast In Bed in various locations around town, including Fringe venues. Current dates here: Tour dates



THE CULT OF ORANGE (published 21 July 2006)

Following the spectacular trial of Tommy Sheridan, the cult of Orange is picking up fast. Whilst swinging followers flock to their local temples, Mr Sheridan has revealed his future plans to coach the young stars of Orange County in matters sexual and that. Said Mr S. yesterday, 'The future's bright.'




SYD BARRETT RIP (published 14 July 2006)

One of music's true originals, Syd Barrett, we'll miss you sir. From a while back, The Reckless presents a wee Flash movie of one of his chunes as a tribute: Effervescing Elephant.

And. of course,it's still true: Pink Floyd Are Shit.




FAMILY I TUNES (published 14 July 2006)

We asked 100 Italians what their favourite insult was for a female member of the family. Our survey said...





THE JOHNNY AND TOMMY SHOW (published 7 July 2006)

John Prescott has vehemently denied having a 3 in a bed romp with Tommy Sheridan whilst thrashing out a deal for the Clyde's first super-tanning studio.



BUCKFAST IN BED (published 7 July 2006)

This month's CD is the long awaited debut album from Edinburgh's finest stand up/sit down/fall over drunk musicians, Whyte & Mackay. This album will only be available in pubs, priced 2 pints, but you can get it free right here: Buckfast In Bed.




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