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May 2006 Archive

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TUNNOCKS BLAST BACK (published 26 May 2006)

Tunnocks have hit back at Mars by rebranding their Caramel Wafers for the duration of the World Cup.


FINNS AIN'T WHAT THEY USED TO BE (published 26 May 2006)

Chancellor Gordon Brown is attempting to revamp his image amongst potential young voters by joining Finnish Eurovision rockers, Gordi.





NEW BLAIRBUSTER RELEASED (published 12 May 2006)

The controversial novel by Gore Dan Brown gets its movie makeover this week. The story, which claims that Tony the Blair is the offspring of Margaret Thatcher and Neil Kinnock, is bound to ruffle a few feathers and send countless others to sleep.




FREE CD (published 5 May 2006)

This month's free CD is Radio Reckless featuring a whole smorgasbord of pop cultural goodies, including Lost in Franz Ferdinand and Heimlich Manoeuvres In The Dark. If you love Pink Floyd and Neil Young, you'll hate this. Huzzah! Get it here: Radio Reckless




HAUD YER BREATH (published 5 May 2006)

Tony the Blair has decided to conduct all future ministerial business in complete isolation and protection in his new bubble headquarters. In an exclusive interview with the Reckless, TB said yesterday, 'Glug, glug.'



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