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October 2006 Archive

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The Daily Reckless October 2006 Archive


PARLY MIXTURES (published 27 October 2006)

In a bid to promote Scottish music to a wider worldwide audience, Jack and his pack of merry MSPs have contributed their feisty parliamentary debates to a series of tunes by Altered Images, The Rezillos and The Proclaimers. Indulge yourself in the democratic musical process here: Parly Mixtures



LADY McCARTNEY (published 27 October 2006)

Hopping enthusiastically on to the McCartney/Madonna bandwagon, the Reckless presents its unique take on the news stories gripping the nation's collective conscience, in words and music: Lady McCartney





DAMAGED RED GOODS (published 20 October 2006)

Oh, Tony, Tony, Tony. What have you said now? Hear Tony as you've never heard him before in this exclusive track from The Plagiarist: Damaged Red Goods (mp3 - right click, save as...)





LOVE THY VIOLENCE (published 20 October 2006)

As ministers convene to condemn the violence on You Tube, the Reckless brings you yet another Plagiarist soundbite scoop. You wanna see tough? I'll show you tough: Love Thy Violence (mp3 - right click, save as...)





MING THE CANDLEFUL (published 20 October 2006)

A special convoy gathered this week to bring the candles to Ming Campbell's birthday cake.






FREE CD! FREE CD! FREE CD! (published 13 October 2006)

Your favourite songmasher, The Plagiarist, returns with a blistering set of mixes and shenanigans. Includes samples and snatches from the likes of Homer Simpson, The Cure, Courtney Love, Franz Ferdinand, Girls Aloud, The Fall, REM, The Doors, Groucho Marx and many many more. And, of course, lots of swearing. Get it here: Bannockburning





RETURN OF THE THATCH (published 13 October 2006)

Margaret Thatcher has been spotted fluttering around the Middle East. The chilling discovery was announced yesterday, by leading nutterthologist, Lord Bill Oddie of Kirkcaldy. 'It's definetely her,' he squawked, 'Look at those piercing dead eyes and that balding crown.'




BANNOCKBUM (published 6 October 2006)

Burly Dundonian, Brian Cox, has turned his back on the acting profession and shown a clean pair of cheeks by releasing a new single in co-operation with Scottish mixmaster, The Plagiarist. In it, he raps the story of the Battle of Bannockburn along to the sounds of The Ruts and The Cure. Available soon on the forthcoming Bannockburning: Straight To CD 2, you can hear an exclusive preview right here: Bannockburning (mp3 - right click, save as...)







NED SQUIRRELS (published 6 October 2006)

The electronic tagging of ned squirrels has hit several snags following the refusal of many of the threatened species to retain the devices on their little furry paws. A spokesperson for the Woodland Creatures Union, Tufty Nibble, said yesterday: 'This is an infringement of animal rights. It's bad enough our members are having to brush up on their tightrope skills for the new ropes across the roads and that.' He added: 'We're pure burstin' ti get stuck intae thae Grey bastards, by the way.'






DAVID CHAMELEON (published 6 October 2006)

Neo-Conservative cum Liberal Fascist, David Chameleon, has unveiled his party's vision for the future. 'Basically, we're just going to do anything that people like until they tell us they don't like it and then we'll do something else. It's a radical departure from our previous strategy of just doing what we thought people wanted until they told us that they didn't want it anymore. And that.'

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