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The Daily Reckless is run by Tommy Mackay who used to play in punk bands back in the 70s and 80s, but then resurrected his career to become a popular entertainer on the Scottish comedy circuit. He has been described as Edinburgh's very own Half Man Half Biscuit and praised for his pop sensibility and witty lyrics. He won Fife Comedian Of The Year 2011.

As The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band he has played in comedy clubs across the UK. He was once a regular on SW1 radio in London, as well as appearing in several Edinburgh Fringe shows, including Tartan Special, Best of Scottish Comedian Of The Year and Mark Watson's 'The Hotel'. He has received much attention from the press, The Sun notably calling him 'cheeky', while the Sunday Herald plumped for 'enthralling' and 'I recommend without reservation.'

In 2012, he performed a one man musical at the Edinburgh Fringe, Oliver Pissed and wrote the soundtrack for the zombie comedy film, Wraith Rovers.

He has also contributed regularly to the Caledonian Mercury and the BBC Comedy Unit's Rough Cuts.

Collaborations include his work with Armando Iannucci, Adam & Joe and journalist Robert McNeil, whose reviews of Scottish MSPs Tommy shaped into a collection of songs about our political leaders (mishaps.htm). He was also half of the short-lived phenomenon that was Whyte & Mackay and the public art agitpoppers The Tam Tam Club.

Tommy also produced the Throbbing Thistle albums which include contributions from Stewart Lee, Ted Chippington and many others. He also produced an EP for Coronation Street's 50th Anniversary.

His other guises include mash up tart, The Plagiarist, The Fall tribute band, The Foul, They Might Be Gannets, Phineas Freak & The Smooth Perturbations, The Artist Formerly Known As Tinsel and The Dish-Faced Camerons.

In March 2016, Tommy was No.1 in the BBC's Week In Politics chart, with Ziggy Sturgeon and the Spiders From Katie Melua's Ears.

He has released many, many CDs, all available at the Daily Reckless shop. His YouTube channel has had over 2 million hits.

The Daily Reckless is constantly updated with a song of the day and a free weekly newsletter for all the up to date info.



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