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Monday, February 03, 2020

Isis? What Isis?

Isis? What Isis?

The third Supertrump album, bringing together the latest batch of Trump songs from the Daily Reckless.






Track listing:

1. Madman Across The Water
2. B-A-B-Y
3. The Cancer Is Blowing In The Wind
4. Only In The Panhandle
5. Oh Supertrump
6. Sea Of Love
7. I Never Have Read The Bible
8. Dumber And Dumberer
9. Who Knew? England
10. Sand And Death
11. Boos, Donald, It's Boos
12. I Don't Know Prince Andrew
13. Impeaches
14. Natome
15. Cunt Of The Century

Stream and download here: Isis? What Isis?

posted by Fat Boab @ 010.35 AM  Monday, Feb 03, 2020

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Eat The Meatless

Eat The Meatless

A collection of Beatles related tracks from the annals of The Daily Reckless






Track listing:

1. Imagine Richard Dawkins
2. Billy Cheese
3. Doing It With It
4. Telt
5. Boris's Yellow Hammer
6. Kayak
7. Please Appease Me
8. Club Together
9. In Recognition (Sean Connery remix)
10. Dear Ringo
11. Hey Jude Law
12. Imagine There's No Lennon
13. Brexitday
14. Working Class Tory

Stream and download here: Eat The Meatless

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.00 AM  Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Five Go On An Ego Trip

Five Go On An Ego Trip

The original five Labour leadership candidates immortalised in song before they dissapear into obscurity.






Track listing:

1. Here In Scotland
2. I’ve Been To Amsterdam
3. Emily Thornberry
4. Keir Starmer
5. Handy Nandy

Stream and download here: Five Go On An Ego Trip

posted by Fat Boab @ 10.55 PM  Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020

Friday, January 17, 2020

I'm Your Refugee

I'm Your Refugee

Borrissey's third album. Composed of tunes culled from the Daily Reckless - the paper that sings the news.






Track listing:

1. Ban It
2. Technology Lessons
3. What A State
4. Boris In Scotland
5. I Get So Drunk I Don't Know Who I'm Voting For
6. The Moocher
7. Great Little Britain
8. Oligarchy In The UK
9. Relate
10. Jellyfish Johnson
11. Talented Coloured People
12. The Book Of Jenny Says
13. Put A Phone in Your Pocket/Laura
14. Get This Done
15. Get John Donne
16. Get It Up Ye

Stream and download here: I'm Your Refugee

posted by Fat Boab @ 13.30 PM  Friday, Jan 17, 2020

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Daily Reckless 2019

Daily Reckless 2019

Some of the best tunes of 2019 from the Daily Reckless






Track listing:

1. Mark Francois
2. Chuka Umunna Is Big Cleggy
3. Failing
4. Noader Daim
5. Monday Night’s Alright For A Considerable Affray
6. Splash The Fash
7. Ballad Of Matt Hancock
8. Liz Truss
9. Swinson (Starry Starry Eyed)
10. Fuck Off Scotland
11. Gove On 45
12. The Declaration Of Arbroath
13. No Smacking, No Fracking, No Union Jacking
14. Rory Stewart (Let’s Talk About Brexit)
15. Doing It With It
16. Kicked In The Head By A Horse
17. P.O.P.P.I.E.S
18. Their Mummies All Told Them They’re Clever
19. Gie Us Some Peace
20. Someone’s Had A Lot Of Sex In This Uber

Stream and download here: Daily Reckless 2019

posted by Fat Boab @ 10.15 AM  Tuesday, Jan 07, 2020

Wednesday, September 25, 2019



A criminal record to reflect the criminal record of Boris Johnson's reign so far, featuring a whole pile of hits from the Daily Reckless.






Track listing:

1. Thicker Than Lulu
2. Axe Me
3. Back Door Boris
4. I Am The Boris
5. Boos, Boris, It's Boos
6. Telt
7. Shorting The Pound
8. Prorogue Mahone
9. My Bruvver
10. Dominic
11. Please Leave My Town
12. Brexit's Yellow Hammer
13. Ride A Black Swan
14. There's No Press Here
15. Stop Prorogation
16. Dead In A Ditch

Stream and download here: Boooooooooooooo!

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.20 AM  Wednesday, Sept 25, 2019

Tuesday, September 3, 2019



James Joyce gets the Reckless treatment on this high concept album based on the greatest book ever written, Ulysses. Pop culture at its best.






Track listing:

1. Buck Mulligan
2. History Is A Nightmare
3. Proteus
4. Leopold Bloom's Kitchen
5. Beware Of Henry Flower
6. Funeral Flesh
7. You'll Never See An Advert In The Daily Reckless
8. Let's Eat
9. Shall I Compare Thee To Ann Summers, Dear?
10. Cognitive Dissonance
11. The Sound Of Sirens
12. The Citizen
13. Gerty MacDowell Syndrome
14. Oxen of the Sun
15. Swinging From The Chandeliers
16. Cabman's Shelter
17. Recapitulate
18. Yes O Yes

Stream and download here: Recklesses

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.10 AM  Tuesday, Sept 3, 2019

Tuesday, July 23, 2019



A compilation of songs about the biggest clown yet. Includes covers of The Smiths, Pulp, The Temptations, The Osmonds, Generation X and many more...






Track listing:

1. This Charmless Man
2. Gammon People
3. Boris Is A Lying Cunt
4. Brexit And America
5. Crazy Boris
6. Kim Darroch
7. We Have Blinked
8. Bendy Bus Boris
9. Brexit Clown
10. Boris Johnson's Baby Farm
11. Project Farce
12. Boris The Ligor
13. Porton Down

Stream and download here: "Arse"

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.55 AM  Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Friday, June 28, 2019

Birdwatching For Punks

Birdwatching For Punks

Mixing twitching with pogoing - a unique blend of ornithology and punk rock. Features versions of songs by The Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols and many more.






Track listing:

1. Ptarmigan
2. The Curlew And The Oyster Catcher
3. I Wanna See A Great Tit
4. Swallow Magpie
5. Jilted Swan
6. Ever Covered A Dove With Savlon?
7. I Fought The Craw (And The Craw Won)
8. Sparrow
9. Thrush
10. Meep Meep Meep
11. Tiny Gulls
12. EMU

Stream and download here: Birdwatching For Punks

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.45 AM  Friday, June 28, 2019

Monday, May 13, 2019



When Jean Paul Saltire is a contestant on the quiz show, Pointless, the result is...nausea. The most joyfully depressing album you'll ever hear.






Track listing:

1. Reckless And Pointless
2. Let's Meet The Contestants
3. The Age Of Reason
4. Being And Nothingness
5. Existence
6. Coveted Trophy
7. Lockdown
8. 100 People
9. Nausea
10. What Essence
11. Awry
12. Sartre's Bike
13. Insignificance

Stream and download here: Pointless

posted by Fat Boab @ 11.05 AM  Monday, May 13, 2019

Saturday, March 23, 2019

A 'B' Road

A B Road

A Half Bam Half Whisky salute to the ridiculosly embarassing Nigel Farage and his loyal band of fools as they march to London.






Track listing:

1. March Of The Faragese Children
2. Caravan Of Leave
3. Epic Protest March
4. Making Placards For Nigel
5. Walking With Farage
6. Sensible Shoes
7. I’ve Got A Flask If Anyone’s Thirsty
8. Village Green GPS Society
9. Pullover Or Jumper, Baby
10. To London From Sunderland
11. Oh! The Cinematography
12. Don’t Park Under My Apple Tree
13. These Boots Won’t Get To Woking

Stream and download here: A 'B' Road

posted by Fat Boab @ 11.45 AM  Saturday, March 23, 2019

Monday, March 4, 2019



Half Bam Half Whisky present totally topical (at time of recording) tory tunes guaranteed to gie ye the boak.






Track listing:

1. Cockney Brexit Knees Up
2. Go Brexit
3. David Davis Eyes
4. Nanny Is A Nazi
5. Nothing Has Changed
6. She Sells Brexit
7. There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Lie
8. May's Monkeys
9. Stockpiling My Beans For You
10. Summer Recess
11. A Pig Boy Did It And Ran Away
12. The Diarrhoea Of A Madwoman (I Resign)
13. I Am Not A Fish-Thrower
14. Nebulous
15. They Shoot Horseshit Don’t They?
16. It’s Raining Contempt
17. No Sympathy For The Drivel
18. Mouldy May
19. Special Place In Hell
20. Posh People

Stream and download here: SingalongaMay

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.25 AM  Monday, March 4, 2019

Friday, February 22, 2019

Cunt Of The Century by Supertrump

Cunt Of The Century

Supertrump present a brand new collection featuring some of the most fantastical outpourings from Doxy's mouth, accompanied by some classic tunes.






Track listing:

1. Forever In Good Genes
2. The Wheel Is Older Than The Wall
3. Nobody Has More Brains Than Me
4. Diet Of No Fibre
5. Inflatable Donald
6. News Flash
7. There Was No Collusion
8. Socks On Fire
9. Mr Trump Is Magic
10. Raking Bad
11. Jim Acosta In The White House
12. She Conned Her Papa (Ivanka)
13. He Only Killed One Journalist
14. Einstein? Uh Go Go
15. Music Was My Potus

Stream and download here: Cunt Of The Century

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.25 AM  Friday, February 22, 2019

Monday, January 28, 2019

Gordon Brown Sings Political Ballads

Gordon Brown Sings Political Ballads

A compilation of songs old and new featuring everyone's favourite feisty Fifer.






Track listing:

1. Gordon Brown (superhero mix)
2. Let's Get Fiscal
3. Dour Prudence
4. Stand And Deliver
5. Bigoted Woman
6. Perfect Skint
7. King Of Kirkcaldy
8. I'm The Manse
9. Crash Gordon vs Mandy
10. The Sun and Gordon Brown Are No More
11. I'm Serious
12. Let's Get Down with James Gordon Brown

Stream and download here: Gordon Brown Sings Political Ballads

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.40 AM  Monday, January 28, 2019

Friday, December 21, 2018

A Christmas Gift For Ye

A Christmas Gift For Ye

A compilation of the very best Christmas songs around from the Daily Reckless, featuring The Sensational Alex Salmond Band, Half Bam Half Whisky, They Might Be Gannets and Tommy Mackay. Gorge yersels!






Track listing:

1. Where Do Santa's Reindeer Shit?
2. Quotidian Pangs Of Existential Dread
3. O Come All Ye Pundits
4. Give Peas A Chance
5. Philip Schofield's Coming To Town
6. Yellow Christmas
7. Krankie Panky
8. I Wish I Could Be Legless Every Day
9. David Attenborough, Where's Your Camera?
10. Noel Yell
11. Bored Again Christians
12. Sausage Roll Away The Stone
13. Selectionist Box
14. Merry Christmas

Stream and download here: A Christmas Gift For Ye

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.00 AM  Friday, December 21, 2018

Monday, November 19, 2018

40 Odd Years Of The Fall - the LP

40 Odd Years Of The Fall

To tie in with the book, 40 Odd Years Of The Fall, available here, here is a collection of new songs by Tommy Mackay inspired by The Fall.






Track listing:

1. 40 Odd Years Of The Fall
2. Dance This MES Around
3. Granny On Bongos
4. Fall On You
5. Curmudgeon
6. Fall Clichés
7. D'Ye Ken John Peel?
8. Not Appreciated
9. Fi's Fags
10. All Fall Down
11. No Musos
12. Everyone Knows Someone Who's Been In The Fall

Stream and download here: 40 Odd Years Of The Fall - the LP

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.00 AM  Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday, June 11, 2018

Questionable Times

Questionable Times

In this unique concept album, Half Bam Half Whisky explore the madcap adventures of the audience and panel on BBC's Question Time. Contains nuts. And jakeballs.






Track listing:

1. The Panel
2. Jakeballs
3. BBC - You're An Embarrassment
4. Gammon
5. In The Name Of
6. Jesus Was A Refugee
7. I've Never Seen A Straight Bannana
8. Do You Agree With The Lady On The Gangway?
9. Groove Is In The Sharkey
10. Chemical Weapons
11. Porton Down
12. Fulsome Brexit Blues
13. Rack and Ruin
14. Old English Spangles

Free download here: Questionable Times

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.00 AM  Monday, June 11, 2018

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard

Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard

Another glittering compilation - this time of songs about the leaders of the Scottish Labour and Tory parties. With apologies to Robert Wyatt.






Track listing:

1. Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard
2. The Burly Men Of Annan
3. Keir Hardy (sic)
4. Day Job
5. Dickie
6. Constitutional Crisis
7. Reserved Or Devolved?
8. I Gotta Abstain
9. Colonel Gadaftie
10. Jeremy Corbyn's Beard
11. Fratricide
12. Delete! Delete! Delete!

Free download here: Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.15 AM  Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Monday, May 14, 2018

Reckless In America by Supertrump


A glittering compilation of Trump related stramash-ups from the vaults of the Daily Reckless - the paper that sings the news.






Track listing:

1. Supercallousfragileracistsexistlyingpotus
2. Crowds
3. Uranium
4. You're So Vain
5. Nightphubbing
6. Witch Hunt
7. Modern Day Presidential
8. Irn Brury Fire and Fury
9. Girther
10. Guns In A Classroom
11. Stormy
12. Hannity!
13. New Korea Opportunities
14. Good Day At The White House
15. Bigmouth Tweets Again
16. Robert DeNiro's Fighting
17. Iran's So Far Away
18. Jerusalem
19. Mistra President
20. Hair Tonic
21. Trump Is A Cunt

Free download here: Reckless In America

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.00 AM  Monday, May 14, 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Ross Boys

The Ross Boys

It's a long story involving two Scottish Tory MPs who resemble Zippy and George from Rainbow. Basically, one of them went to Iraq and posed on Saddam Hussein's throne for a laugh and the other one's also an assistant referee. Together they are...... fucking useless.





Track listing:

1. My Inner Dictator
2. R.O.S.S.
3. The Assistant Referee's Alphabet
4. Tory Boys
5. Tory
6. Zippy and George
7. The Hoover
8. Fashion Tips For Footballers
9. Tory In A Foodbank
10. It Wisnae Me

Free download here: The Ross Boys

posted by Fat Boab @ 08.00 AM  Friday, Apr 27, 2018

Friday, March 2, 2018

Slime Of The Times

Slime Of The Times

Compilation of totally topical tunes by Half Bam Half Whisky from the Daily Reckless. Featuring some of the slimiest creatures currently stalking the earth.






Track listing:

1. Davey I Love You
2. You're So Vain
3. Coment On The Latest Jackie Baillie Pish
4. Neil Oliver
5. Nick Robinson
6. Ophelia
7. Dickie
8. Bigmouth Tweets Again
9. Priti - Fey Cunt
10.Free Fallon
11.Solid Gold Easy Redaction (Anas Sarwar edit)
12.Guns In A Classroom
14.Another Dick In The Cooncil
15.Gammon In Disguise
16.Cheddar Man Meets Ketamine Kate
17.Baroness 4 Life
20.I Just Don't Know What To Do With My Cock
21.Toby Young, Oh What A Twat

Free download here: Slime Of The Times

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.00 AM  Friday, Mar 02, 2018

Monday, December 4, 2017

Kez Enduction Hour

Kez Enduction Hour

Concept album from The Foul about former Scottish Labour leader, Kezia Dugdale's adventures in the reality TV show 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.'






Track listing:

1. Stranded In The Jungle
2. The Dugdale Sleeps Tonight
3. Spider Killer
4. Woman At Work Down Under
5. Hexotica
6. Kezmania
7. Day Job
8. The Ravages Of Rampant Capitalism
9. Sympathy For The Kezmanian Devil
10.Bull Penis Smoothie
11.Sea Kelp
12.Arseholes At Night
13.Bug Day
14.Mere Pseud Maggots
15.Hexen Derivative

Free download here: Kez Enduction Hour

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.00 AM  Monday, Dec 04, 2017

Thursday, August 31, 2017



As the latest in a long long line of Scottish Labour leaders waves farewell, Tommy Mackay releases a commemorative EP to remember her by.






Track listing:

1. It's Ma Pairty
2. Kez
3. Kezia Dugdale's Dad
4. Bye Bye Kezia
5. Scottish Labour

Free download here: Kez

posted by Fat Boab @ 10.00 AM  Thursday, Aug 31, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

Caledonia Uber Alles

Caledonia Uber Alles

The first album from Scotland's answer to Half Man Half Biscuit featuring a bumper crop of warped cover versions of familiar tunes. Totally topical (at time of publication) and free. Not for the easily offended or sensitive of ear.






Track listing:

1. Do The Queensferry Walk
2. Modern Day Presidential
3. Caledonia Uber Alles
4. Jeremy Corbyn
5. Schrödinger's Referendum (Can I Get A Reset?)
6. Colonel Gadaftie
7. Cuntisentially Cuntish
8. Fields Of Wheat
9. Theresa May Is A Shitebag
10. Hot Take
11. Looking After The One Show
12. Reasons To Hate Tories Part Three
13. 500 Quid
14. Strong And Stable
15. Crush The Saboteurs
16. Brexit Clown
17. Spanish Rock
18. Stickers On A Statue
19. King Of Kirkcaldy (Fade Away And Radiate)
20. Now Is Not The Time
21. Wicker May

Free download here: Caledonia Uber Alles

posted by Fat Boab @ 10.10 AM  Monday, Aug 7, 2017

Friday, July 21, 2017

All I Want For Christmas Is A Torphichen Inn Away Kit

All I Want For Christmas Is A Torphichen Inn Away Kit

Scotland's answer to Half Man Half Biscuit release their first E.P. featuring Caledonian reworkings of classic HMHB tunes.






Track listing:

1. All I Want For Christmas Is A Torphichen Inn Away Kit
2. 99% Of Little England Love Nigel Farage
3. The George Osborne Stance
4. Vatican Broadside (Old Treasury Version)
5. It's Clichéd To Be Cynical At Christmas

Free download here: All I Want For Christmas Is A Torphichen Inn Away Kit

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.30 AM  Friday, Jul 21, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Sun Says

The Sun Says

On June 8th 2017 The Sun's front page urged its readers to vote Tory and listed what they saw as Jeremy Corbyn's characteristics. I have turned this ridiculous list into songs, each lasting about one minute.






Track listing:

1. Terrorists' Friend
2. Useless On Brexit
3. Destroyer Of Jobs
4. Enemy Of Business
5. Massive Tax Hikes
6. Puppet Of Unions
7. Nuclear Surrender
8. Ruinous Spending
9. Open Immigration
10. Marxist Extremist

Free download here: The Sun Says

posted by Fat Boab @ 10.35 AM  Monday, Jun 12, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

It's Turned Out Shite Again

It's Turned Out Shite Again

An homage to George Formby - updating some of his greatest hits with some originals and a Bob Dylan and Tom Robinson cover.






Track listing:

1. Do You Agree With The Lady On The Gangway?
2. I'm Hanging From A Lampost
3. I've Got A Right Big Bastard Of A Flannel
4. When I'm Rebooting Windows
5. With My Little Schtick Of Post Punk Rock
6. Ukelele Delay
7. War Ukelele
8. Tommy Sheppard
9. May Medley

Free download here: It's Turned Out Shite Again

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.35 AM  Monday, Apr 10, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Soshul Meeja

Soshul Meeja

EP featuring songs about social media.






Track listing:

1. Do You Know What You're Scrolling For?
2. Let's Flounce
3. Subtweet Good To Me
4. You Talk Shite, Hen
5. Eat Y'Self Twitter
6. Necessary Hashtag

Free download here: Soshul Meeja

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.45 AM  Monday, Mar 27, 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017

Dirty Washing

Dirty Washing

As the BBC incorrectly announced the death of Mark E Smith on his 60th birthday, a collection of rare Fall backing tracks with vocals and lyrics by The Foul emerged. This is them.





Track listing:

1. Porn Stash
2. 80s Embra Man
3. Aurora Borealis Through The Looking Glass
4. Here Come The Whips
5. Hit The Nazi
6. Bagpipe Music
7. The Endarkenment
8. Comedians Obedience Class
9. Born Wealthy
10. Hell
11. An Englishman On Leith Walk

Free download here: Dirty Washing

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.10 AM  Monday, Mar 06, 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Straight Bananas

Straight Bananas

Compilation of 20 stramash-up hits from the recent past as featured in The Daily Reckless - the paper that sings the news.






Track listing:

1. I've Never Seen A Straight Banana
2. Sadiq Khan
3. Fratricide
4. My Baby Is Tied To A Timebomb
5. Crowds
6. Appease Me
7. Nightphubbing
8. Mistra President
9. Alsatian Strangulation
10. Wobbly Rocket
11. Delete! Delete! Delete!
12. Closer
13. No To Joy
14. My Cuckoo Queue
15. There's No-one Quite Like My Sister in Law's Ex Husband's Nephew
16. Silly Nob Gags
17. Compulsive Liar
18. Uranium
19. Storm Doris
20. Bird Chopping Eco Crucifixes Of Your Mind

Free download here: Straight Bananas

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.00 AM  Tuesday, Feb 28, 2017

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Return Of The Living Dead

Return Of The Living Dead

Three old horrors have threatened to return to the political arena. This will not end well. A frightful collection.






Track listing:

1. Future Dog End
2. Frightfully Posh Halloween (apocalyptic remix)
3. Tony Blair's Monkeys (undead version)
4. The Lizard Of Osborne (horny version)
5. Slab Boys (full moon mix)
6. Damaged Red Goods
7. George Osborne Stance
8. S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M (recreatured)
9. I Will Be With You, Whatever (Cuntageddon mix)
10. Gideon Ding Dong
11. Corona Not Glue (ghoul mix)
12. Tony & The Hand Jive
13. I Gotta Abstain
14. Campbell's Sauce

Free download here: Return Of The Living Dead

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.00 AM  Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Black Paternoster

Black Paternoster

The Gosple According to Matt Berry, Mark E Smith, Luke Haines and John Lydon.






Track listing:

1. Black Paternoster
2. Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Cheated?
3. Relaxation
4. In An Age Of Bland And Chipper Compliance
5. Empire State Peel
6. Johnny Killer
7. The Confidence Of Henry Glass Pants
8. Totally Cunted
9. Fall Fan
10. Yes O Yes
11. Right! Noise

Free download here: Black Paternoster

posted by Fat Boab @ 14.25 AM  Tuesday, Nov 15, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

Stramash Ups

Stramash Ups

A collection of scurrilous satirical songs parodying old tunes and mostly stealing their original backing tracks. Satiraoke if you will.






Track listing:

1. Corbyn Calling
2. Fluffy Mundy
3. It's Different For Toffs
4. Supercalifragilisticcircumjackcencrastus
5. Move Eddie Mountain
6. Torn Between Two Labours
7. Little Willy Rennie
8. I Wanna Marry A Muirfield Member
9. Careless Memo
10. Kez
11. Rowling, Trolling, Trolling
12. I Will Be With You, Whatever
13. Fight The Right
14. Duncan Hothersall
15. Ed Balls

Free download here: Stramash Ups

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.35 AM  Monday, Oct 17, 2016

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tales From The Locker Room

Tales From The Locker Room

Following Donald Trump's pathetic excuse for locker room banter, supergroup The Jung Ones share their witheringly acerbic psychoanalysis on an unsuspecting world. Careful with those towels boys!






Track listing:

1. Trump Is A Cunt
2. Robert DeNiro's Fighting
3. Fawlty Tenements
4. Theresa!
5. Eat Y'Self Twitter
6. The Burly Men Of Annan
7. KKKaye Took My Radio Away
8. Corbynmania
9. Project Farce
10. Where's Captain Eck?
11. Chilcot
12. Disnaeland
13. The Mumbling Song
14. Noel Edmonds' Cancer Box
15. Aw Fuck It's Andrew Lloyd Webber

Free download here: Tales From The Locker Room

posted by Fat Boab @ 11.15 AM  Wednesday, Oct 12, 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bam Glam

Bam Glam

A spectacularly glamorous affair in collaboration with top cartoonist and deviant master of mayhem, Greg Moodie. "Daftness with a razor sharp topical edge. Essential fun for indyref survivors and closet glamrockers" - Lesley Riddoch






Track listing:

1. John McTernan Says (You're Unelectable)
2. Lady Mone (Treacherous Scants Merchant)
3. The Ballad Of Moody Greg
4. Mascot
5. Duke Of Buccleuch
6. Malcolm The Bruce
7. Michael White's Moustache
8. Save Our Macaroni Pie
9. The Lizard Of Osborne
10. Fist Pumping With IDS
11. Better Yourself
12. Throw Me In The Sex Bin
13. Children of the Devolution

Free download here: Bam Glam

posted by Fat Boab @ 08.44 AM  Tuesday, Jul 26, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

Island of Dr Moreau - The Musical

Dr Moreau - The Musical

At last - a musical based on the H.G. Wells horror story about a doctor experimenting with human/animal hybrids on a remote island.






Track listing:

1. Intro (At The Residents Drive-In)
2. Mix Up The Species - Average White Bandicoot
3. Are We Not Manatees? - Deervo
4. The Man Whose Inner Hedgehog Expanded - The Falcon
5. Vivi Vivisection A Man After Midnight - Abaa
6. I Need Moreau - Piggy Pop
7. Boris The Ligor - To Whit The Who
8. Jackie Rockingbird - Reckless Eric The Half A Bee Gee
9. Swallow Magpie - The Ram Ones
10. Chicken War Pinnochio Man - Edwin Starfish
11. A Bird's Arse In Your Soul - They Might Be Gannets
12. When A Man Loves A Wombat - Percy Slug
13. Doctor My Hybrids - Bison Five
14. Ever Covered A Dove With Savlon - Baz Cox
15. We Can Be Hybrids - David Bo-Weevil & Lou Reed Warbler

Free download here: Isand of Dr Moreau - The Musical

posted by Fat Boab @ 12.40 PM  Friday, Apr 15, 2016

Monday, Sept. 28, 2015



Here's a wee E.P. commemorating the time that David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK, was called out for having sex with a dead pig. That's sex. With a dead pig.






Track listing:

1. Fuck A Dead Pig
2. Posh Twat In The Pig
3. Hambugger Davy
4. Swine Flu
5. Sow!

Free download here: Unporked

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.00 AM  Monday, Sep 28, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

Now That's What I Call SNP 56

Now That's SNP 56

Now that the SNP have blown away Labour in Scotland, here's a compilation of tunes thrown up by the 2015 election campaign which saw 56 SNP MPs brought to Westmonster.






Track listing:

1. The Magnificent 56
2. The Most Dangerous Woman In Britain
3. S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M
4. Mhairi Black
5. Labour Neighbours
6. Evo Stick It To The Man
7. Corona Not Glue
8. Jim Murphy's Hair
9. Full Fiscal Autonomy
10. Boris Johnson's Baby Farm
11. Kezia Dugdale's Dad
12. There Are More Kelpies Than Scottish Labour MPs

Free download here: Now That's What I Call SNP 56

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Poetry and Politics

Poetry and Politics

A mini-LP featuring some great singalong tunes. And some great poetry.






Track listing:

1. Poetry and Politics
2. SLab Boys
3. Curran Have A Go If You Think You're Hard Enough
4. 99% of Little England Love Nigel Farage
5. Pink Bus
6. Ed Miliband's Dad
7. The Diary of Damian McBride
8. Let Them Eat Porridge
9. O Come All Ye Pundits
10. Marr, He's Making Lies At Me
11. Ride A White Van
12. F.A.S.C.I.S.T

Free download here: Poetry and Politics

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Ziggy Sturgeon & The Spiders from Katie Melua's Ears

Ziggy Sturgeon

The Sensational Alex Samond Band is dead. Long live Ziggy Sturgeon. Collection of storming pop tunes and anthems.






Track listing:

1. Ziggy Sturgeon
2. Spiders
3. Feartie
4. Positively Forth Bridge
5. Help Ma Boab (When Westmonster Hit The North)
6. The Sensational Patrick Harvie Band
7. Manhattan Coat
8. Bar Room Philosophers
9. All The Auld Punks
10. Eat Your Cereal
11. Love Lorne
12. Gordon Brewer
13. Inappropriate Behaviour
14. Brian Cox
15. Pointless

Free download here: Ziggy Sturgeon

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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Pithy Tweets Of Moran

The Pithy Tweets Of Moran

An EP based on the tweets of Caitlin Moran. A writer.






Track listing:

1. Tony Parsons Cock
2. Simon Cowell's Bright Red Tits
3. P Diddy's Party Pads
4. Katie Price's Lunchbox Of Piss
5. Kelly Brook's Badger Crasher
6. Quaver Dogs

Free download here: The Pithy Tweets Of Moran

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yes O Yes

Yes O YesA collection of Scottish Independence based tunes from the stable of the Daily Reckless.





Track listing:

1. Yes O Yes - The Foul
2. Tam Sheridan's Bairns (Looking Through Harry Lauder's Eyes)
3. Just Say Yes - Whyte & Mackay
4. Positively Forth Bridge - Daley Reckless
5. Yes Is The Drug - The Crystal Methodists
6. Referendum Boys (Ya Bass)- The Plagiarist feat. Aggy Pop
7. Project Fear - The Dish-Faced Camerons
8. Wee Country - The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band
9. A Drunk Man Looks At Throbbing Thistle (Part 20) - Throbbing Thistle
10. Your Unionist Friend - They Might Be Gannets
11. Fuck The Mainstream Media - Tommy Mackay
12. Walking Bollock Naked In The Ochils - Extreme Scottish Sports
13. Ziggy Sturgeon - The Nippy Sweeties
14. 2014 - The Artist Formerly Known As Tinsel
15. I Am Not A Number - Phineas Freak & The Smooth Perturbations

Free download here: Yes O Yes

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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Eejit

The EejitWhat happened when Iggy Pop moved to Scotland, hit the bottle and got a job advertising Cadbury's Twirls.





Track listing:

1. Pissed At Midnight
2. Rightdrubbing
3. Cuntime
4. Paisley
5. Cadbury Twirl
6. Referendum Boys
7. Tiny Gulls
8. Ya Bass Production

Bonus tracks
9. Lust For Life Insurance
10. I Need More

Free download here: The Eejit

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Rhythm & Bombast

Rhythm & BombastThe second album from Throbbing Thistle featuring another batch of bad comedians, bad TV, a condensed Punk Rock documentary and the 5 part Hugh McDiarmid narrated ' A Drunk Man Looks At Throbbing Thistle.'





Track listing:

1. Dischord
2. Apple Juice
3. Three Comedians
4. Ratbag
5. Bad Manning
6. Babies In Peril
7. Hugh Scully
8. It's Called Shy Talk
9. A Drunk Man Looks At Throbbing Thistle (Parts 1 - 5)

Free download here: Rhythm & Bombast

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Friday, April 19, 2013

This Is Rubbish

Dish-Faced CameronsA collection of Tory based tunes and parodies from The Dish-Faced Camerons. Something old, something new, something borrowed but always blue. Warning: contains scenes of partial lucidity and violins.





Track listing:

1. Tory Boys
2. Davie Teardrop
3. Tie A Yellow Ribbon
4. Jockbusters
5. Cum On Feel The Pies
6. Hold On, I'm Coming Nancy
7. Oliver Letwin
8. Michael Gove
9. Gideon Ding Dong
10. Slave Labour
11. Francis Maude
12. Violet Elizabeth, Tory MP
13. I've Got A Fucking Bike
14. Only Foals
15. Zoom Zoom Huhne

Free download here: This Is Rubbish

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Monday, March 18, 2013


FudThey Might Be Gannets, Scotland's premier They Might Be Giants tribute act present a uniquely Caledonian perspective on the classic album, Flood.






Track listing:

1. Theme From Fud
2. B3ta In Your Soul
3. Buckie Bottle Game
4. Prestonpans (Not Quite Portobello)
5. Horse Head
6. Your Unionist Friend
7. Partick Man
8. Swanning
9. We Want Rockall
10. Salmond Keeps Moving My Chair
11. Herring Aid
12. Muriel Gray
13. John Knox
14. Kissing In Possil Park
15. Hauf Jaiket
16. Wimmin And Men
17. Saltire Bullets Of Pure Love
18. They Might Be Gannets
19. Road Movie To Barlinnie

Free download here: Fud

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Apostrophe Bag

Apostrophe BagA collection of songs with an apostrophe denoting possession in their titles. Obviously.






Track listing:

1. Alex Zane's Mangina
2. Anthea Turner's Cock (live)
3. Tony Parsons' Cock
4. Bono's Cock
5. Gazza's Favourite Things
6. Laura Palmer's Father
7. Chris's House
8. The First Minister's Dressing Gown
9. Bill Clinton's Havana
10. Sartre's Bike
11. Campbell's Sauce
12. Arthur Montford's Autograph
13. Annabel Goldie's Pus
14. Silvio's Lover
15. Diane's Last Date
16. Eck's Army

Free download here: Apostrophe Bag

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's A Wonderful Fife

It's A Wonderful FifeA trip round the kingdom of Fife in the company of Tommy Mackay, The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band, The Plagiarist and the Tam Tam Club. The perfect Christmas gift from the Fife Comedian Of The Year 2011.





Track listing:

1. First We Take Lumphinnans
2. The Good Fife
3. Inverkeithing
4. The Boy From Auchtermuchty
5. Dalgety Bay
6. Burntisland
7. Kirkcaldy Slosh
8. Fife Dealer
9. Glenrothes On My Mind
10. Fifers Rock
11. St Andrews
12. The Last Fish Supper
13. Roll Of Linoleum

Free download here: It's A Wonderful Fife

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wraith Rovers

Wraith RoversThe soundtrack to the ill-fated film about a zombie football team from Kirkcaldy. Funny, funky and frightful in equal measure.






Track listing:

1. Wraith
2. Do The Zombie
3. Kirkcaldy Slosh
4. Jock Tamson
5. Frankenstein Mcavennie
6. We Are The Undead
7. Deid Men Don't Pay Tax
8. When The Wraith Go Marching In
9. Funky Death March
10. Dead Drunk
11. Halloween In Glasgow
12. R.I.P. Kirkcaldy Komedy Festival

Download here: Wraith Rovers

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Oliver Pissed

Oliver PissedThe soundtrack to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe one man comedy musical by Tommy Mackay AKA The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band. A Dickensian yarn for the Rab C. Nesbitt generation. The Alcohol Minimum Pricing Bill has been passed but how will the show's chief protagonist cope now the price of a ‘swally’ has shot up? Featuring an eclectic cast, including Gerard Depardieu, Antony Worrall Thompson, Ulrika Jonsson, Jar Jar Binks and Anthea Turner among others.




Track listing:

1. Booze Glorious Booze
2. Alcohol Minimum Pricing Bill
3. Rollover
4. Let's Get Fiscal
5. Stuck In Scotmid
6. X Box For Sale
7. Where Is The Bog?
8. Oui Oui Je Suis Gerard Depardieu
9. Terrorist Medley
10. Pick A Packet Or Two
11. The Ballad Of Worrall Thompson
12. Consider Yourself
13. Eck's Army
14. I'd Do Anything
15. Eat Bamboo
16. Vegetarian Dog
17. Danny Alexander (Feed Him To The Pandas)
18. As Long As He Needs E
19. Embra State Of Mind
20. Chips, Cheese, Trams And Es
21. Who Will Buy My Blue Peter Annuals?
22. Anthea Turner's Cock
23. It's A Fine Life
24. MSPs Picnic
25. Rewriting The Consultation
26. Ulrika
27. Wee Country

Download here: Oliver Pissed

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Caledonian Mercury Music

The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band have had a thrilling year and this compilation brings together all the news events which they have covered in song throughout 2011. From Gaddafi, financial crises, through 'Hurricane Bawbag' (over 300,000 hits on YouTube) to 'Occupy The World' and everything in between, it's been a hectic twelve months.




Track listing:

1. Hurricane Bawbag
2. Quantitative Easing Like Sunday Morning
3. Up The Superinjuction
4. Dalgety Bay
5. Absorbing The Greek
6. Ooh Gaddafi Journalistic Ethics Are Atrocious
7. Theresa May Contain Nuts
8. Private Sector
9. Silvio's Lover
10. St Andrews
11. Born To Rust
12. Wimbledon
13. Werrity!
14. Danny Alexander (Feed Him To The Pandas)
15. Four Years
16. Why Riot?
17. Bladder Mind Off
18. The Big Man
19. Krankie Panky
20. David Attenborough, Where's Your Camera?
21. Occupy The World

Download here: Caledonian Mercury Music

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Thursday, December 1, 2011


New ScotlandAn EP gathering together a collection of songs based on the whole phone tapping, muck raking, scum sucking, bin rummaging, barrel scraping fiasco that led to the downfall of a tiny part of the Murdoch empire.





Track listing:

1. The End Of News Of The World
2. Rupert The Bare Faced Liar
3. Rebekah
4. Morning Star
5. Tabloid Beast
6. Glenn Mulcaire's Cavalcade

Free download here: Hackgate

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Throbbing Thistle

New ScotlandThis intriguing collection of found sounds and sound clips includes Stewart Lee in conversation with the legendary Ted Chippington, Mark E Smith berating Harry Hill, Dame Edith Evans, Rupert Murdoch and the Captains Beefheart, Sensible & Tenille. Experimental, with the emphasis on the mental. And remember, game ain't based on sympathy.




Track listing:

1. Ted Stew
2. Pandering
3. Listen To The Doctor
4. Handbag Lady
5. Captains Full Strength
6. G.A.B.O.S.
7. Reckless And Provocative
8. Hamburger Davy
9. Living Room
10. Collective Amnesia
11. Post Puerile Trombone Man
12. Big And Clever
13. Your Future, Ivor Cutler

Free download here: Throbbing Thistle

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Songs In The Key Of Fife

New ScotlandThe Tam Tam Club were formed in Glenrothes, Fife after a piece of the Scottish new town's public art - a stone dinosaur known locally as Rexie, was moved from its original location in a housing scheme to an inhospitable spot on a busy roundabout. This unpopular move caused an uproar in the local press and The Tam Tams have been tireless campaigners for town art ever since. This album documents their obsession/dedication to their cause and the people of Glenrothes.



Track listing:

1. You Rexie Thing
2. Bald, Fifty and Fat
3. I Bet You Look Good in Tanshall
4. Glenwood Jasmine
5. I Fought The Craw
6. Goodbye Norman's Jeans
7. Jenny Fae Pitteuchar
8. Taliban Tam
9. No Masturbating
10. You Walk Like An Eejit, Son
11. Horse Wi Nae Weans
12. What If God Was Wan O Us
13. Come Back Janny
14. Caskieberran
15. Glenrothes On My Mind

Free download here: Songs In The Key Of Fife

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Friday, May 20, 2011

New Scotland

New ScotlandCelebrating a new dawn in Scottish history, The Sensational Alex Salmond Band present a brand new collection of kilt swirling, haggis hurling, pipe skirling pop tunes.





Track listing:

1. New Scotland (SNP version)
2. The Ballad of Iain Gray
3. Annabel Goldie's Pus
4. Thur A Moussa Koussa 'Boot The Hoose, Sir
5. Jim Devine Comedy
6. Zoo Suits
7. The Invisible Policeman
9. Budgie In The Cludgie
10. Stuck In Scotmid
11. What Am I?
12. Without Ewan McGregor
13. Pop Culture Bore
14. Are We Not Mental?

Free download here: New Scotland

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Imagine There's No Album

Imagine There's No AlbumA collaboration between Armando Iannucci and The Sensational Alex Salmond Band. Featuring extracts from the Radio 4 show, 'Facts & Fancies', 'The Thick Of It' and 'In The Loop.'

Available for free download here




Track listing:

1. Greetings, One And All
2. What On Earth Are We Doing To Ourselves? (And Each Other)
3. Shoplifting Girl
4. Kick Out The Bams, Malcolm Tucker
5. The Cosmic Punch
6. Papal Blues
7. John Paul II sings Mary Poppins
8. Jamie Saw, He Conquered
9. My Favourite Dictators
10. Monster-Eyed Bugs

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shoplifting Girl

Shoplifting GirlThe debut single from Armando Iannucci and Tommy Mackay.

Available for free download here




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Friday, May 21, 2010

New Politiks

New PolitiksThe seventh Plagiarist CD and the best so far. A real reform to turn. Features special guests Brian Blessed, Bjork, Tavares, Martin Stephenson and The Daintees, John Lydon, Malcolm Mclaren, Lorne Green, Joe Strummer, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Fall and many many more.





Track listing:

1. Stand and Deliver
2. Bjork and Blessed
3. I Am Nick Clegg
4. Govan Must Be Missing a Jakie
5. Edward Woodward
6. Heather The Weather
7. Please Hold
8. Straight Outta Libyaton
9. Buffalo Lies
10. Mnemonic Bonanza
11. Know Your Ps and Qs
12. Staircase (MES)tery
13. White Mistress
14. Lonely Yoda
15. New Politiks (Public Schoolboys Limited)

Free download here: New Politiks

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A.S.A collection of songs about people with the initials A.S.






Track listing:

1. Arnie Schwarzenegger
2. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
3. Alexei Sayle
4. Ann Summers
5. Adam Smith
6. Arthur Scargill
7. Andrew Sachs
8. Alison Steadman
9. Albert Schweitzer
10. Andy Stewart
11. Alastair Stewart
12. Anwar Sadat
13. Andrews Sisters
14. Alastair Sim
15. Alexander Selkirk
16. Alan Sugar
17. Alex Salmond

Free download here: A.S.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Scotland Calling

SASBEspecially for Burns Night. A Caledonian re-interpretation of the Classic Clash album.






Track listing:

1. Scotland Calling
2. Brand New Heart Attack
3. (C.U.) Jimmy Hats
4. Plateful
5. Airdrie Can't Fail
6. Haggis Bombs
7. The Fyfe Profile
8. Lost In Paddy's Market
9. Working For The Cooncil
10. The Huns Of Ibrox
11. Wrong 'Em Boyle
12. Death Or Gorgie
13. Kikka Keilidh
14. The Cardonald Cheat
15. Fifers Rock
16. Four Grousemen
17. I'm Not Drunk
18. Edinburgh Rock
19. Troon In Vain

Free download here: Scotland Calling

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Delusions Of Banter

SASBAnother bizarre collection of mixed up mash ups and comedic covers from The Plagiarist.






Track listing:

1. The Man Whose Job Exploded
2. Coronation Steen
3. Delusion
4. Vulvina
5. Chappaquidick Bridge
6. Me And My Man Boobs
7. Bang Bang
8. Mark E Smith Guide To Writing Guide
9. Bored Again Christians
10. Totally Fired
11. The Sun and Gordon Brown Are No More
12. I Scream For Quo
13. Imagine There's No Lennon
14. Guitarzan

Free download here: Delusions Of Banter

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Tuesday, October 19, 2009

The Sensational Alex Salmond Band

SASBThe eagerly awaited debut album from Scotland's finest comedy tribute band.






Track listing:

1. The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band.
2. Scotching The Stereotypes
3. First We Take Lumphinnans
4. Molly Weir
5. Text
6. Fife Dealer
7. Anthea Turner's Cock
8. Holyrood Babylon
9. Let's Get Fiscal
10. No Whisky In The Bar
11. Nicola
12. The Boy Fae Auchtermuchty
13. MSPs Picnic

Get it at the Daily Reckless Shop here: The Sensational Alex Salmond Band

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Now Then, Now Then, Now Then

Now ThenThe final instalment of songs from the SW1 radio show, '2 Hours of Fun' by Topical Tommy Mackay. Juicy pop classics and original twists on the tales of the time from Swine Flu, through the credit crunch to death!





Track listing:

1. And Then...
2. Swine Flu
3. Joanna Lumley
4. Only Pools And Horse Manure
5. Royal Bank Of Scotland
6. Bathgate Queen
7. Chief Whip
8. cc
9. Gordon Brown (Superhero mix)
10. Clare Balding-A-Ling
11. Solid Gold Easy Redaction
12. Goodbye Hazel Blears
13. Pet Shop Man
14. Korea Opportunities
15. Gonna Make You A Czar
16. I Am The Fly
17. Everybody's Dying Nowadays
18. The End Is Nigh
19. Goodbye 2 Hours Of Fun

Get it at the Daily Reckless Shop here: Now Then, Now Then, Now Then

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Phineas Freak And The Smooth Perturbations

Double album of eclectic tunery featuring a host of special guests including Bob Dylan, Leo Sayer and John Cage. Contains traces of stylophone.






Track listing:

1. Ova Chewer
2. Phineas Freak And The Smooth Perturbations
3. Bendy Bus
4. Shake Hands With Danger
5. He Taught Me Handel On The Stylophone
6. Dance The Wawazawa
7. Thou Shalt Not Dance
8. A Bolshevik In Buckingham Palace
9. Flight Of The ScotRail Commuter
10. Egyptian Cream
11. Leo
12. Friendly Nazi Neighbourhood Spy
13. Hillary Clinton
14. Ginster Wrap
15. Cooncil Telly
16. Crazy Boris
17. Everybody's Heard About The Words
18. Lexicography
19. I Am Not A Number
20. Das Bling
21. Gok Wan Lookalikes
22. Don't You Think?
23. No More Woolies
24. I Want Moore
25. Float On, Pirates
26. My Beautiful Ninja
27. Bohemian Anchovy
28. CornFed Weenies
29. I'm Freak

Get it at the Daily Reckless Shop here: Phineas Freak And The Smooth Perturbations

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Now That's What I Call Topical

Another collection of topical songs by Tommy Mackay as featured on the SW1 radio show '2 Hours of Fun.'






Track listing:

1. It's Mustard, Richard. Mustard!
2. Dedicated Follower of Fascism
3. Boabie - The Slowest Milkman In The West
4. I'm Serious
5. King Of The Swingers (BB Edition)
6. Only Shoes
7. 2 U2 Me
8. M.A.D.O.N.N.A.
9. Oath, I Did It Again
10. Satellite Blow Up
11. Southerness Is Painless
12. Mary Had A Little Chav
13. Scary Wee Boy
14. Noel Yell
15. The 80s

Get it at the Daily Reckless Shop here: Now That's What I Call Topical

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Thursday, December 4, 2008


A collection of typically topical songs by Tommy Mackay as featured on the SW1 radio show '2 Hours of Fun.'






Track listing:

1. Mandy vs Crash Gordon
2. Dear Ringo
3. Gordon Brown Superhero (Let's Get Fiscal mix)
4. A Frightfully Posh Halloween
5. Alistair Darling
6. Vatican Broadside (Treasury version)
7. He's From Barcelona
8. B.A.R.A.C.K.O.B.A.M.A.
9. Kerry Katona
10. Forever In Hi-Vis
11. Charlie Is A Dalek
12. Letter To Michael Jackson
13. Thousands Of Racists Are Leaving Town
14. Carry On Sergeant
15. Terrorist Medley

Get it at the Daily Reckless Shop here: SW1

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The 80s intros

I suffered the 80s. Now it's your turn. Here's every single intro in chronological order from the UK Number Ones of the 1980s condensed into seven and a half minutes.

The 80s




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Monday, September 29, 2008

Mind Programming

The Plagiarist returns with another mind blowing mix of music, speech and song. Includes such diverse talents as Bill Grundy, Dennis Hopper, Tom Weir, Hardeep Singh Kohli, Sex Pistols , Tremeloes, Love Unlimited Orchestra and much much more.





Track listing:

1. Number One
2. 5000 Yobbos
3. Anything Ending With 'Y'
4. Bye Bye Wendy
5. The History of Love
6. March of the Alcoholic Siamese Twins
7. Lydia
8. Perfect! Skint!
9. Gary
10. To Be Frank
11. Whisky Galore In The Jar
12. What The Fuck?
13. Kohli Kicks Off
14. The Good Fife
15. Sartre's Bike
16. I Wish I Could Write a Serious Song


Get it here: Mind Programming

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Monday,July 28, 2008

Tartan Special - The CD

A selection of music from the smash hit Edinburgh Fringe Festival show, Tartan Special. Featuring a plethora of Caledonian comedic observations and pithy wit. Oh, and some funny songs.





Track listing:

1. A Finger Of Shortie
2. John Prescott
3. Talking Fud
4. Hughie Green's My Dad
5. I Say I Say I Say
6. Arthur Montford's Autograph
7. Get Ti Falkirk
8. I Can't Afford To Die Anymore
9. Porn Free
10. Britney's Got Tarrant
11. Mince and Tatties Qualitate
12. Pond Life
13. I'm Dead

Get it at the Daily Reckless Shop here: Tartan Special

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The New Sound

Another random selection of music, speeches and remixes from The Plagiarist. Includes evidence of subliminal satanism, the global lizard conspiracy and Scotland's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. The most fun you can have with your cloth ears on.





Track listing:

1. The New Sound
2. Jocko Euro
3. Satan In The Body
4. In Recognition (Sean Connery Mix)
5. Hammer Time
6. Wendy Alexander Brothers
7. David Icke & Tina Turner
8. When September Ends Aloud
9. No Cold Blooded Child
10. Monarchy Mash
11. MESWatch
12. Aw Fuck, The Police!
13. The Last Hi-Fidelity Dictator
14. Kiss Off (I Bid You Farewell)

Get it at the Daily Reckless Shop here: The New Sound

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We Mean Something

There is much strange stuff occuring on our little planet. And Tommy Mackay is determined to record it all for posteriority. From people pretending to die in canoes, newsreaders with uncontrollable flatulence and bike shaggers, to New Year bathers, E-bay obsessives and dog excrement cooks. All human life is here and it all means something. Doesn't it?




Track listing:

1. Do The Loony Dook
2. The Curry Song
3. Kayak
4. I Ride Bicycles
5. Jeremy Paxman
6. Bill Clinton's Havana
7. Filling Out Forms
8. Donald Trump
9. The Guy Who Does The Guttering
10. Little Monkey
11. Hey Jude Law
12. 200 Words
13. King Of The Swingers (Perjury Mix)
14. Glenrothes

Get it here: We Mean Something

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Do The Loony Dook

There's an old tradition in South Queensferry dating back to the 1980s called the Loony Dook, in which hundreds of people jump into the Firth Of Forth on New Year's Day. This year, I took part in this clearly ridiculous pastime and after drying off, decided it needed a song named after it. It's a Cheap Trick, but someone has to do it. 'Do The Necessary' also mentions South Queensferry, which is why it's tacked on.




1. Do The Loony Dook
2. Do The Necessary

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The September Mixes - Run Rudy Run

Some say ex New York mayor and presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani mentions September 11 a little too often in his speechifying. He does go on a bit. Hear for yourself in these choice mixes of the man, featuring Suzi Quatro, Ray Parker Jnr, M, Nat King Cole, The Clash, The Specials, Status Quo, Kenny Rogers, Girls Aloud, Lee Roserve, Robotboy, Green Day, Walter Huston and Christopher Titus.




Get it here: Run Rudy Run

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Reckless Rants

If Scottish topical tosh and sardonic pastiche are your particular bags, then look no further than this fine comedic collection of songs by the master of DIY, Lo-Fi, Bring and Buy - Tommy Mackay. Oh my. I'll stop now.





Track listing:

1. Club Together
2. Let's Eat
3. The Magnificent Folk Song
4. The Gorgon's Back In Town
5. Greenhouse Girl
6. You Don't Get Irony
7. We Don't Need To Share The Lavvy
8. Magic Bus
9. Have You Got A Minuet?
10. Northern Rock
11. School's In
12. Wendy Alexander
13. Worms In The Water

Get it here: Reckless Rants

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Friday, October 12, 2007

A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle Part 2

Second part of Hugh MacDiarmid's classic of Scottish Literature, read by the man himself against a background of varied pieces of music including LCD Soundsystem, Roxy Music, Massive Attack and many many more.





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Friday, October 5, 2007

A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle

A unique blending of one of Scotland's greatest ever poets and modern music. Hugh MacDiarmid reads from his seminal work accompanied by some of the greats from the world of music, including Lou Reed, Tchaikovsky, P.I.L., Fire Engines and many many more.





Email the editor of the Daily Reckless if you want a copy

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Runny Eggritte

Here he comes again. Another outing for Scotland's premier song mash and mangler, The Plagiarist. A unique blend of skewed tunes and sampled snatches with special guest appearances from the whole spectrum of the entertainment industry, including crabs, seagulls, Jenny Agutter and even Michael Jackson. A kick in the eye for pop purists and muso snobs everywhere.




Track listing:

1. Crab Meat Nut Sandwich
2. Jenny Says
3. Abba Got Back
4. Alex Salmond
5. And Then?
6. Noah Fucking Clue
7. No More Smeaton
8. Where Seagulls Dare
9. Love Thy Violence
10. I'm The Manse
11. The Night, Thriller and Death
12. Lady McCartney
13. Goofing
14. Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Get it here: Runny Eggritte

posted by Fat Boab @ 08.40 AM  Friday, September 14, 2007