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Monday, September 03, 2007

Wendy Alexander

The Scottish Labour Party has a brand new queen, so, naturally, this momentous occassion has to be marked by a new single from Tommy Mackay, backed with a paean to her Westminster boss.





1. Wendy Alexander
2. I'm The Manse

posted by Fat Boab @ 14.45 PM  | Monday, September 03, 2007


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Idiopathic Hypergraphia

Nobody fuses pop and rockabilly with humour quite like Tommy Mackay. Here's further proof of the man's philosophical yet functional music - an album you need more than you think.





Track listing:

1. Philosophy
2. Saviour Breath
3. The League of Determinedly Shallow Individuals
4. Campbell's Sauce
5. Sturdy Padlock
6. We Apologise For Any Inconvenience Caused
7. Feel The Benefit
8. Funktionality
9. Intensely Sincere
10. The First Minister's Dressing Gown
11. Too Many People
12. One Rule
13. Big John Smeaton

Get it here: Idiopathic Hypergraphia

posted by Fat Boab @ 12.15 PM  | Thursday, August 02, 2007


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Philosophy/Alex Salmond

The latest single from Tommy Mackay couples a deep meaningful dittie with an ode to the newest leader of Scotistan. Warning: may contain traces of puns.





1. Philosophy
2. Alex Salmond

posted by Fat Boab @ 15.00 PM  | Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Foul Plagiarism

The third and final Foul outing. A coming together of all those irresistible mashed up mixes, together with some rare live recordings and some never before heard tracks. A must for all Foul completists.





Track listing:

1. The Fall of Planet Zagreb
2. How I Wrote Elastic Bees
3. I'm Free Range
4. Flesh Funeral
5. Some Girls Assume
6. And Therein
7. Psykick Jupiter Train Countdown
8. Are You Being Served The Wright Stuff?
9. Iggy Consent Sound
10. Bingo Master's Breakout
11. Touch Sensitive EMI Girls World
12. Rowche Rumble
13. The Joke

Get it here: Foul Plagiarism

posted by Fat Boab @ 14.20 PM  | Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's The Bomb!

The Plagiarist is back with a whole new serving of mashed hot potatoes. An extravaganza of pop cultural references crossing all genres of music and all manner of bletherers. From Boris Karloff to Alan Sugar, X-Ray Spex to Amy Winehouse, the Plagiarist has them all.





Track listing:

1. Germ Free Introduction
2. OU Pot Persuaders
3. Gordon Brown
4. The Bomb
5. Thick Cunt
6. Walking To Rehab
7. Elected
8. One Of Those Humble Alabama Werewolves
9. Damaged Red Goods
10. The Day My Pad Went Nine To Five
11. Alan Sugar
12. Diane's Last Date
13. Afterture

Get it here: It's The Bomb!

posted by Fat Boab @ 11.05 AM  | Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Monday, March 5, 2007

Dislocation Dislocation

Exhilarating collection of honest to goodness cracking pop tunes from Tommy Mackay. Simply brimming over with catchy and infectious songsmithery. If you're not singing along to these in your head after one listen, then you're clinically dead.





Track listing:

1. Modern Life Is Garish
2. Dislocation Dislocation
3. Strange Behaviour
4. The Ego Has Landed
5. The Ballad of Bill Oddie
6. Accidental Lives
7. Apprentice
8. Love Rats
9. Do The Necessary
10. Of Mince And Men
11. I Fought The War (And The War Won)
12. The Butcher

Get it here: Dislocation Dislocation

posted by Fat Boab @ 14.35 PM  | Monday, March 5, 2007


Monday, February 5, 2007

Elected /The First Minister's Dressing Gown

The new single from Tommy Mackay is an updated Scottish version of the old Alice Cooper classic, backed with an original song about an incident last year involving a young chap causing chaos in the First Minister's residence and posting the results on You Tube.





1. Elected
2. The First Minister's Dressing Gown

posted by Fat Boab @ 10.30 AM  | Monday, February 5, 2007


Tuesday, January 9, 2007

MiShaPs revisited

A combination of original paeans to MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament) and First Ministers Questions mixed with the best of Scottish Pop/Rock. Music by Tommy Mackay, lyrics by Robert McNeil, hot air by Holyrood. Tunes sampled are The Rezillos - Can't Stand My Baby; Altered Images - I Could Be Happy; The Proclaimers - Sunshine On Leith; Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (live); The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger and Bay City Rollers - Shang A Lang



Track listing:

1. Can't Stand The Parly
2. Her Lips Were Made To Kiss Megaphones
3. Merciless Eyebrows
4. Happy and Parly
5. Middle Management
6. Scunnered In Leith
7. Chris's House
8. Take Me Out To The Parly
9. Inscrutable Coupon
10. Parly Dagger
11. The Pittenweem Declaration
12. Shang A Parly
13. Scary Burd

Get it here: MiShaPs Revisited

posted by Fat Boab @ 12.10 PM  | Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Purple Reindeer

The only Christmas album you'll ever need. The Artist Formerly Known As Tinsel presents a stunning array of original tunes and festive covers guaranteed to kick the season to be jolly into touch. Great fun for dysfunctional families everywhere (Warning: contains fruity language and scenes of a sleighbell nature).




Track listing:

1. Intro - Purple Reindeer
2. Santa's Beard
3. Lashed Christmas
4. Panto
5. Father Christmas
6. O.C. Clause
7. Thank God It's Not Christmas
8. O Tannenbaum
9. The Christmas Song
10. The Frosty Snowman
11. Xmas With Simon
12. It's Clichéd To Be Cynical At Christmas - Outro

Get it here: Purple Reindeer

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.00 AM  | Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Thursday, November 9, 2006

Wafting The Covers

The stench of stonking songs as you've never heard them before. Tommy Mackay presents a unique collection of timeless classics spanning the decades, covered in a style that can only be described as his own. From the rockabilly version of David Bowie's Time to The La's There She Goes soaked in heroin, this is the collection you have always yearned for.




Track listing:

1. Time
2. Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?
3. Alone Again Naturally
4. I Like Birds
5. Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud)
6. Gin Soaked Boy
7. 99% of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd
8. The Happening
9. I Need More
10. There She Goes

Get it here: Wafting The Covers

posted by Fat Boab @ 14.55 PM  | Thursday, November 9, 2006


Friday, October 13, 2006


Infamous songmasher, The Plagiarist, returns with a blistering set of mixes and shenanigans. Includes samples and snatches from the likes of Homer Simpson, The Cure, Courtney Love, Franz Ferdinand, Girls Aloud, The Fall, REM, The Doors, Groucho Marx and many many more. And, of course, lots of swearing.




Track listing:

1. Hello There
2. Mouldy Old D'Oh
3. Bannockburning
4. Daz For Dania
5. Do You Want To Close Our Eyes, Sharona?
6. El Happening
7. There Was A Rock Critic Who Swallowed McFly
8. Some Racey Girls Assume
9. Kampf Klinski
10. When It Wants
11. Stipetoe In The Rain
12. The Doors Of Terror
13. Heaven Lies Limp
14. King Of The Swingers
15. I Must Be Going

Get it here: Bannockburning

posted by Fat Boab @ 12.20 PM  | Friday, October 13, 2006


Thursday, September 21, 2006


In recognition of the cod like genius of Robyn Hitchcock, Tommy Mackay presents this heartfelt tribute to the man and his music. Spanning the decades from the Soft Boys, through The Egyptians and his solo work, this collection represents what some may say is his best work. Others would disagree. But then, they would, wouldn't they?




Track listing:

1. The Man With The Light Bulb Head
2. Strawberry Mind
3. Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis)
4. Veins of the Queen
5. Heaven
6. Never Stop Bleeding
7. Balloon Man
8. Vibrating
9. Young People Scream
10. The Cars She Used To Drive
11.Listening to The Higsons
12. Positive Vibrations

Get it at the Daily Reckless shop here: Vibrating

posted by Fat Boab @ 11.45 AM  | Thursday, September 21, 2006


Thursday, July 6, 2006

Buckfast In Bed

The PlagiaristWhyte & Mackay, legends in their own extended liquid lunchtime, present a collection of their greatest alcohol soaked hits. A mixture of live and studio tracks, it's available at gigs for two pints, but you can get it free right here. Includes bonus track, 'Do Not Drink the Tennents at The Waverley.' Hic.





Track listing:

1. Wetherspoons Nights
2. I've Had A Tiger
3. The Bar Is High
4. Heineken's Shite
5. Rock JD
6. Cheap Spirit
7. Special Brew
8. Blue Nun Day
9. Take Me Home
10. The Rainbow Song
11.Do Not Drink The Tennents

Get it at the Daily Reckless shop here: Whyte & Mackay - Buckfast In Bed

posted by Fat Boab @ 10.25 AM  | Thursday, July 6, 2006


Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I'm An Edinburgh Man, Myself

The PlagiaristThe follow up to the debut Foul CD is here. Presented free with the Daily Reckless, it contains more Fall tributey goodness than you can shake a hex at.





Track listing:

1. The Sound of Music Falling Apart
2. Kurious Oranj
3. The Littlest Rebel
4. Living Too Late
5. The Classical
6. Wings
7. Hey! Student
8. Petty (Thief) Lout
9. Jawbone and the Air Rifle
10. No Bulbs
11.Cindy Tells Edinburgh Man

Get it at the Daily Reckless shop here: The Foul - I'm An Edinburgh Man, Myself

posted by Fat Boab @ 02.55 PM  | Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Radio Reckless

The PlagiaristThis month's free CD with The Daily Reckless is Radio Reckless - a collection of songs celebrating/denegrating today's top pop culture icons. If you love Pink Floyd or Neil Young, you'll hate this. Huzzah!





Track listing:

1. Radio Reckless
2. Bute House Sychophants
3. Lost in Franz Ferdinand
4. Kurt Cobana
5. That's George Galloway, Son
6. 45 Years From Kelso
7. The Kiss and Tell Overture
8. Central Belt Blues
9. Pink Floyd Are Shit
10. Marc Bolan
11. Heimlich Manoeuvres In The Dark
12. The Frosty Snowman
13. Lidl and the Damage Done/Everybody Must Get Toned
14. Psycho Delia

Get it at the Daily Reckless shop here: Tommy Mackay - Radio Reckless

posted by Fat Boab @ 01.55 PM  | Wednesday, May 3, 2006


Tuesday, April 4, 2006


The PlagiaristWay back in 1992, They Might Be Giants released 'Apollo 18'. On that album was a unique track called 'Fingertips' which contained 21 tiny snippets or suggestions of songs. Now, They Might Be Gannets have fleshed out those snippets into fully fledged lovingly crafted instant pop classics, presented here for your delectation.




Track listing:

1. Everything Is Catching On Fire
2. Fingertips
3. I Hear The Wind Blow
4. Hey Now Everybody
5. Who's That?
6. New Friend
7. Wreck My Car
8. The Guy Who Hit Me In The Eye
9. Please Pass The Milk
10. Leave Me Alone
11. Who's Knocking On The Wall?
12. All Alone
13. Blue Thing
14. Something Got A Hold Of My Hand
15. I Don't Understand You
16. I Heard A Sound
17. Mysterious Whisper
18. The Day That Love Came To Play
19. Heart Attack
20. Fingertips reprise
21. Darkened Corridors

Get it at the Daily Reckless shop here: They Might Be Gannets - Fingertips

posted by Fat Boab @ 10.20 AM  | Tuesday, April 4, 2006


Thursday, March 2, 2006

Straight To CD

The PlagiaristThe Plagiarist promises something old, new, borrowed and blootered on this month's free CD from the Daily Reckless. Hear James Brown singing with the Manic Street Preachers, Queens of the Stone Age mixed with the Muppets, Barry White swearing and much much much more...





Track listing:

1. Potting An Arab
2. Another Rainy Friday
3. Dali Test
4. Queen Muppet
5. Kooky People
6. Who Takes The Blame
7. Mad Faith Discovery
8. Flat Of Ruffians
9. Kill Together
10. Don't Involve Yourself
11. Fuck This Shit
12. Sex Machine Emptiness
13. The Plagiarist
14. It's A Long Way Back to Beethoven

Get it at the Daily Reckless shop here: The Plagiarist presents...Straight To CD

posted by Fat Boab @ 13.00 PM  | Thursday, March 2, 2006

Friday, January 27, 2006

Killer Civil Servant

The FoulThe Foul - South Queensferry's only one man tribute band to The Fall, have released a free CD containing covers and mashes of various Fall songs. How do they do it? Why do they do it? Who knows? Just don't take it too seriously.




Track listing:

1. Spinetrak
2. Clear Off!
3. Ballroom Insekt
4. Dice Man
5. The Container Drivers
6. Your Heart Out
7. Wherever's The Fuckin' Taxi? Cunt
8. Leave The Capitol
9. Rebellious Jukebox
10. Stephen Song
11. Lucifer Over Lancashire
12. Theme From Sparta FC

Get it at the Daily Reckless shop here: Killer Civil Servant - The Foul

posted by Fat Boab @ 09.10 PM  | Friday,January 27, 2006