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This week - Love

If love is blind why is lingerie so popular? (Contributed by Don F.)
Dr F. How can love be blind with the advent of peep-hole bras and see-thru panties?

Why do we say love hurts? Love never hurts. It's the absence of love that hurts isn't it? (Contributed by Tanu)
Dr F. What’s worse? Sex without love or love without sex?

Has anyone else out there noticed how so many of us now love things and use people rather then use things and love people? (Contributed by The Vent on
Dr F. That’s because you can’t catch V.D from a D.V.D.

How come when you're seeing someone, all you do is complain about the person you're seeing but when you're single, you spend all your energy trying to hook up with someone? (Contributed by Ossie Michelin)
Dr F. You only ever love what you can’t have and that’s why people get married.

If we are to love our neighbours AND to love our enemies, does this mean they are the same people? (Contributed by Alex Petty)
Dr F. It’s called ‘Friendly Fire.'

Do romantic one-legged women get swept off their foot? (Contributed by Penfold)
Dr F. Only when they are completely stumped.

Isn't the feeling of love triggered by the brain not the heart? In that case, shouldn't valentine cards come in the shape of brains? (Contributed by Nabby)
Dr F. This is a grey area.

Isn't love like a cut in that it doesn't hurt until you see it's there? (Contributed by Laura G.)
Dr F. What about if you are only ‘half cut’ at the time?

Isn't kissing just a means of getting two people so close together that they can't see anything wrong with each other? (Contributed by Rene Yasenek)
Dr F. No. It’s to check if she shaves too.

We cannot all do great things, but can't we all do small things with great love? (Contributed by Floyd Maxwell)
Dr F. It’s always that size in November.

What do butterflies feel when they're in love? (Contributed by Herman)
Dr F. That they have wings.

When we are in love with someone, we put their name in a heart. Is that because a heart is a circle with bumps in it? Therefore a heart goes on forever too, right? (Contributed by Amanda)
Dr F. A heart with bumps in it is called a tumour.

Why do people always look in the wrong place for love, when what they are really looking for is the True Source of Love …. God? (Contributed by Stephanie)
Dr F. The Bible says, ‘God is Love’ but we still have to wait until ‘Forensics’ arrive.


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