Organisers of the extreme philosophy club have recently appealed for more members to help them continue espousing existentialism, nihilism and the complete works of Socrates whilst hurling themselves from big bridges with only a bit of elastic round their ankles for support.

In order to tempt prospective dangerous thinkers we present their table of events below:

Bungee Junging -

Strictly speaking, pscychoanalytical thrills,
but all schools of thought welcome.

Meet at the Bog and Barn Cakes car park
every Sunday afternoon.

Airhead Surfing -

All metaphysical disciplines welcome
as the gang hurtle from planes questioning
their very existence whilst surfing to oblivion.

Every Thursday evening till the end of time
at Piggin Hell airfield

More events to be added later

If you would like to participate or suggest a sport, get in touch:

email - Extreme Thinking@the sundayproust

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