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Reenie's Recipes
by Reenie
Agony Cousin Twice Removed

Yer pie

Pies of course come in all shapes,forms and names. Others may call them Quiches or Flans but not the Reckless...
We stand by the original pie.

1. First kill your pie,or alternatively find a butcher or other source.

2. Buy your pie - always ensuring it is of the highest quality. The Reckless says "you get what you pay for."

3. Heat your pie (200c electric,gas mark 4,fan oven who knows).

4. Serve your pie (brown sauce can be an exciting optional extra). Tipple of choice for pies is of course Bovril. Only in extreme emergencies should OXO be used.

Recipe serves...well naturally however many you buy!

Next week we turn vegetarian for those of you who are scunnered by pies.

Coming soon yer mince,yer sausages,yer suppah perty and many more.

Your correspondant Reenie has been off sick and while at home watched for the first time a certain TV programme.
Are these people real? Do they really need a celebrity chef to cook a simple meal for a few friends? Do they lose their minds,talents,abilities just to appear on TV? Does every household need a lobster picker? I think not.
Also who can cook with a mobey pressed to their ear? Not this cook fer sure. However,as always, Reenie is here for her loyal fans and if any reader wishes such a service "pals for tea" (v. reasonable charges) please contact

Note no bookings on Christmas Day. Reenie will be writing about coping with the new season of Masterchef in the New Year.

A Doctor Writes


Yer soup

Well Readerlings, The nights are fair drawin' in and it's time to turn our attention to that well known winter comforter - yer soup.

Now there's been alot of nonsense talked about soup.Sometimes I think it's been hi-jacked by the chattering classes with their fruit soup,cauld soup etc. Who in this wonderful country of ours wants cauld soup?

We at the Reckless are campaigning for a return to traditional family values and the soup yer mammy used to make- the soup you can stand on. Yes, yer broth.

For full details of this recipe and many more see:
Reenie's Reckless Recipes. Published by the Reckless Press @9.99 and available from all, well some ,well one bookshop.

Inspired by the demise of my simple coffemaker (yes readerlings, Shuggie has gone to the great Costas in the sky) I had recourse to visit my local Argos for a replacement.

Well, things have changed since camp essence was considered the epitome of chic and all you needed was hot water,cup and spoon. Now I see that there are expresso makers,cappuchino makers,filter machines, cafetieres and so on - AND you require a different type of coffee for each one.

Dear readers is it any wonder that Reenie has decided to return to her mammy's favourite tipple- tea - the cup that cheers. Aaaaagh even tea has been taken over -green, fruit, herbal.... Och forget it and pass me the Irn Bru.